Stuffed Cremini Mushrooms With Cheese

Stuffed Cremini Mushrooms With Cheese

Serves a Small Party

½ cup extra-virgin olive oil
2½ cups yellow onion (chopped)
38 cremini mushrooms (remove stems)
3 tablespoons Italian parsley (chopped)
2 cups fresh bread crumbs
6 garlic cloves (peeled and minced)
⅓ cup shallot (minced)
¾ cup fresh chives (chopped)
3 oz. fresh lemon juice
3 oz. parmesan cheese (grated)
3 oz. fontina cheese (grated)

Preheat Oven’s Broiler

Add mushrooms to a large pot of boiling water. Allow to cook for approximately 3 minutes; drain and let them cool.

Over medium heat in a large skillet, heat the olive oil. Now, lightly stir in the garlic, chives, onion, shallot, and parsley. Cover the skillet for just a few minutes. The goal is to simply sweat out the vegetables’ aromas. Take the skillet off the heat before stirring in the lemon juice and breadcrumbs.

Prepare the mushrooms by scooping out the caps. Fill the mushroom with the mixture and place them on a baking sheet. Top the mushrooms with grated cheese and broil until the cheese melts (approximately 3 to 5 minutes). Serve immediately.

Diva Tip:

• If you prefer to use another delicious melting cheese of your choice, no problem!

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