Low Country Boil

Low Country Boil

Serves 4 to 6

5 lb. whole crab (cracked into pieces)
3 lb. fresh or frozen “unpeeled” medium (or large) shrimp
6 ears corn (halved)
6 (4-inch) smoked chicken apple sausage
1 tablespoon seafood seasoning (e.g., Old Bay) or to taste
12 red new potatoes (washed and scrubbed)

Over high heat, start to bring a large pot of water, with seafood seasoning, to a boil (the pot should have enough water to cover all ingredients). When it boils, add the crab, and adjust the temperature down slightly. In 2 to 3 minutes it will boil again. Reduce to medium heat before adding the sausage and potatoes. Cook for 20 minutes. Now, add the corn and cook for another 10 minutes. Lastly, add the shrimp and cook for no more than 3 minutes.

Drain the entire pot through a colander.

Serve this dish with a crusty Sourdough Baguette and a fresh salad of your choice.

Diva Tip:

• On the table, put out a variety of accompaniments such as hot sauce and horseradish and, for the tasty corn, butter.

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