“Fall” In Love Chicken Curry (Drumsticks) With Rice Noodles

“Fall” In Love Chicken Curry (Drumsticks) With Rice Noodles


Serves 4 to 6

8   chicken drumsticks

4   “sliced” garlic cloves

2   “chopped” large onions

2   fresh limes

2   cups “low-sodium” chicken broth

1   cup fresh cilantro leaves

3   tablespoons yellow curry powder

3   tablespoons coconut oil or extra-virgin olive oil

¼  teaspoon cayenne pepper

1   package rice noodles (14 oz.)

1   can “unsweetened” coconut milk (13.5 oz.)

Kosher salt to taste

Fresh ground pepper to taste

Season the drumsticks with salt and pepper to taste.

Pour the coconut oil into a large heavy-based skillet over medium heat. Cook the drumsticks for approximately 10 minutes or until the skin is golden brown and slightly crisp. Remove the chicken from the skillet and set it aside.

Place the onions in the skillet and cook for 5 to 7 or until lightly brown and softened (stir often). Stir in the curry, cayenne, and garlic; cook for 1½ to 2 minutes.

Pour the coconut milk and broth into the skillet along with ½ cup of cilantro and the juice from 1 lime. Gently stir to mix before adding the drumsticks.  Bring the sauce to a boil, turn down the heat, and simmer (uncovered) for 35 to 40 minutes or until the chicken becomes tender and the sauce thickens. While the chicken is cooking, occasionally stir, so all sides of the chicken are cooked.

During the last 20 minutes of the chicken’s cooking,  cook the noodles in a pot of boiling water for 10 minutes with the lid on (or per the package’s instructions). After draining the noodles in a colander, lightly rinse them with warm water before placing them back in the pot. Now, stir in some of the sauce from the skillet to prevent the noodles from sticking together.

The drumsticks are best served in shallow bowls over the noodles. Be sure to cover them with plenty of sauce and scatter cilantro on top. As a garnish, lime wedges are a must.

Diva Tip:

  • Don’t want Carbs? Substitute Spaghetti Squash for the noodles or zucchini noodles, delicious!
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